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How to write number to the power of

Negative Exponents Purplemath Converting between different number bases is actually fairly simple, but the thinking behind it can seem a bit confusing at first. Covers negative exponents and demonstrates how to simplify expressions containing them. Explains why. Once you've learned about negative numbers, you can also learn about negative powers. Write x–4 using only positive exponents.

Calculate any Power of i the Square Root of -1 - WebMath Having problem understanding how to write number as a power of the given base: 16; base 2 -216; base -6 2401; base 7 256; base -4 8/27; base 2/3 ** raising a base to an even power always come out positive raising a negative base to an odd power always come out negative .. When learning about imaginary numbers, you frequently need to fure out how to raise i to any power. This page will show you how to do this. Just type your.

How to read and write whole numbers. Powers of 10 -- A complete. Note though that the default base mht not be $. What does it mean to write a number in expanded form? What is the. a power of 10? When a whole number ends in 0's, how do we divide it by a power of 10?

How to write number to the power of:

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